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Class Phalcon\Tag

Phalcon\Tag is designed to simplify building of HTML tags. It provides a set of helpers to generate HTML in a dynamic way. This component is an abstract class that you can extend to add more helpers.


integer HTML32

integer HTML401_STRICT


integer HTML401_FRAMESET

integer HTML5

integer XHTML10_STRICT



integer XHTML11

integer XHTML20

integer XHTML5


public static setDI (Phalcon\DiInterface $dependencyInjector)

Sets the dependency injector container.

public static Phalcon\DiInterface getDI ()

Internally gets the dependency injector

public static Phalcon\Mvc\UrlInterface getUrlService ()

Return a URL service from the default DI

public static Phalcon\EscaperInterface getEscaperService ()

Returns an Escaper service from the default DI

public static bool getAutoescape ()

Get current autoescape mode

public static setAutoescape (boolean $autoescape)

Set autoescape mode in generated html

public static setDefault (string $id, string $value)

Assigns default values to generated tags by helpers


 //Assigning "peter" to "name" component
 Phalcon\Tag::setDefault("name", "peter");

 //Later in the view
 echo Phalcon\Tag::textField("name"); //Will have the value "peter" by default

public static setDefaults (array $values)

Assigns default values to generated tags by helpers


 //Assigning "peter" to "name" component
 Phalcon\Tag::setDefaults(array("name" => "peter"));

 //Later in the view
 echo Phalcon\Tag::textField("name"); //Will have the value "peter" by default

public static displayTo (string $id, string $value)

Alias of Phalcon\Tag::setDefault

public static boolean hasValue (string $name)

Check if a helper has a default value set using Phalcon\Tag::setDefault or value from $_POST

public static mixed getValue (string $name, [array $params])

Every helper calls this function to check whether a component has a predefined value using Phalcon\Tag::setDefault or value from $_POST

public static resetInput ()

Resets the request and internal values to avoid those fields will have any default value

public static string linkTo (array|string $parameters, [string $text])

Builds a HTML A tag using framework conventions


echo Phalcon\Tag::linkTo('signup/register', 'Register Here!');
echo Phalcon\Tag::linkTo(array('signup/register', 'Register Here!'));
echo Phalcon\Tag::linkTo(array('signup/register', 'Register Here!', 'class' => 'btn-primary'));
echo Phalcon\Tag::linkTo('', 'Google', FALSE);
echo Phalcon\Tag::linkTo(array('', 'Phalcon Home', FALSE));
echo Phalcon\Tag::linkTo(array('', 'Phalcon Home', 'local' =>FALSE));

protected static string _inputField ()

Builds generic INPUT tags

protected static string _inputFieldChecked ()

Builds INPUT tags that implements the checked attribute

public static string colorField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”color”] tag

public static string textField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”text”] tag


echo Phalcon\Tag::textField(array("name", "size" => 30));

public static string numericField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”number”] tag


echo Phalcon\Tag::numericField(array("price", "min" => "1", "max" => "5"));

public static string rangeField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”range”] tag

public static string emailField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”email”] tag


echo Phalcon\Tag::emailField("email");

public static string dateField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”date”] tag


echo Phalcon\Tag::dateField(array("born", "value" => "14-12-1980"))

public static string dateTimeField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”datetime”] tag

public static string dateTimeLocalField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”datetime-local”] tag

public static string monthField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”month”] tag

public static string timeField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”time”] tag

public static string weekField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”week”] tag

public static string passwordField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”password”] tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::passwordField(array("name", "size" => 30));

public static string hiddenField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”hidden”] tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::hiddenField(array("name", "value" => "mike"));

public static string searchField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”search”] tag

public static string telField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”tel”] tag

public static string urlField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”url”] tag

public static string fileField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”file”] tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::fileField("file");

public static string checkField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”check”] tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::checkField(array("terms", "value" => "Y"));

public static string radioField (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”radio”] tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::radioField(array("wheather", "value" => "hot"))

Volt syntax:


 {{ radio_field('Save') }}

public static string imageInput (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”image”] tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::imageInput(array("src" => "/img/button.png"));

Volt syntax:


 {{ image_input('src': '/img/button.png') }}

public static string submitButton (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML input[type=”submit”] tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::submitButton("Save")

Volt syntax:


 {{ submit_button('Save') }}

public static string selectStatic (array $parameters, [array $data])

Builds a HTML SELECT tag using a PHP array for options


echo Phalcon\Tag::selectStatic("status", array("A" => "Active", "I" => "Inactive"))

public static string select (array $parameters, [array $data])

Builds a HTML SELECT tag using a Phalcon\Mvc\Model resultset as options


echo Phalcon\Tag::select(array(
    Robots::find("type = 'mechanical'"),
    "using" => array("id", "name")

Volt syntax:


 {{ select("robotId", robots, "using": ["id", "name"]) }}

public static string textArea (array $parameters)

Builds a HTML TEXTAREA tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::textArea(array("comments", "cols" => 10, "rows" => 4))

Volt syntax:


 {{ text_area("comments", "cols": 10, "rows": 4) }}

public static string form ([array $parameters])

Builds a HTML FORM tag


 echo Phalcon\Tag::form("posts/save");
 echo Phalcon\Tag::form(array("posts/save", "method" => "post"));

Volt syntax:


 {{ form("posts/save") }}
 {{ form("posts/save", "method": "post") }}

public static string endForm ()

Builds a HTML close FORM tag

public static setTitle (string $title)

Set the title of view content


 Phalcon\Tag::setTitle('Welcome to my Page');

public static setTitleSeparator (unknown $separator)

Set the title separator of view content



public static appendTitle (string $title)

Appends a text to current document title

public static prependTitle (string $title)

Prepends a text to current document title

public static string getTitle ([unknown $tags])

Gets the current document title


    echo Phalcon\Tag::getTitle();

    {{ get_title() }}

public static string getTitleSeparator ()

Gets the current document title separator


    echo Phalcon\Tag::getTitleSeparator();

    {{ get_title_separator() }}

public static string stylesheetLink ([array $parameters], [boolean $local])

Builds a LINK[rel=”stylesheet”] tag


    echo Phalcon\Tag::stylesheetLink("", false);
    echo Phalcon\Tag::stylesheetLink("css/style.css");

Volt Syntax:


    {{ stylesheet_link("", false) }}
    {{ stylesheet_link("css/style.css") }}

public static string javascriptInclude ([array $parameters], [boolean $local])

Builds a SCRIPT[type=”javascript”] tag


    echo Phalcon\Tag::javascriptInclude("", false);
    echo Phalcon\Tag::javascriptInclude("javascript/jquery.js");

Volt syntax:


 {{ javascript_include("", false) }}
 {{ javascript_include("javascript/jquery.js") }}

public static string image ([array $parameters], [boolean $local])

Builds HTML IMG tags


    echo Phalcon\Tag::image("img/bg.png");
    echo Phalcon\Tag::image(array("img/photo.jpg", "alt" => "Some Photo"));

Volt Syntax:


    {{ image("img/bg.png") }}
    {{ image("img/photo.jpg", "alt": "Some Photo") }}
    {{ image("", false) }}

public static text friendlyTitle (string $text, [string $separator], [boolean $lowercase])

Converts texts into URL-friendly titles


 echo Phalcon\Tag::friendlyTitle('These are big important news', '-')

public static setDocType (string $doctype)

Set the document type of content

public static string getDocType ()

Get the document type declaration of content

public static string tagHtml (string $tagName, [array $parameters], [boolean $selfClose], [boolean $onlyStart], [boolean $useEol])

Builds a HTML tag


echo Phalcon\Tag::tagHtml($name, $parameters, $selfClose, $onlyStart, $eol);

public static string tagHtmlClose (string $tagName, [boolean $useEol])

Builds a HTML tag closing tag


echo Phalcon\Tag::tagHtmlClose('script', true)