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Class Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk

Class to access the beanstalk queue service. Partially implements the protocol version 1.2


public __construct ([array $options])

public connect ()


public string|boolean put (string $data, [array $options])

Inserts jobs into the queue

public boolean|PhalconQueueBeanstalkJob reserve ([unknown $timeout])

Reserves a job in the queue

public string|boolean choose (string $tube)

Change the active tube. By default the tube is ‘default’

public string|boolean watch (string $tube)

Change the active tube. By default the tube is ‘default’

public boolean|PhalconQueueBeanstalkJob peekReady ()

Inspect the next ready job.

public boolean|PhalconQueueBeanstalkJob peekDelayed ()

Return the delayed job with the shortest delay left

public boolean|PhalconQueueBeanstalkJob peekBuried ()

Return the next job in the list of buried jobs

protected array readStatus ()

Reads the latest status from the Beanstalkd server

public string|boolean Data or `false` on error. read ([unknown $length])

Reads a packet from the socket. Prior to reading from the socket will check for availability of the connection.

protected integer|boolean write ()

Writes data to the socket. Performs a connection if none is available

public boolean disconnect ()

Closes the connection to the beanstalk server.

public __sleep ()


public __wakeup ()