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Interface Phalcon\DiInterface

extends ArrayAccess

Phalcon\DiInterface initializer


abstract public Phalcon\DI\ServiceInterface set (string $name, mixed $definition, [boolean $shared])

Registers a service in the service container

abstract public remove (string $name)

Removes a service from the service container

abstract public object get (string $name, [array $parameters])

Resolves the service based on its configuration

abstract public object getShared (string $name, [array $parameters])

Resolves a shared service based on their configuration

abstract public Phalcon\DI\ServiceInterface setService (Phalcon\DI\ServiceInterface $rawDefinition)

Sets a service using a raw Phalcon\DI\Service definition

abstract public Phalcon\DI\ServiceInterface getService (string $name)

Returns the corresponding Phalcon\Di\Service instance for a service

abstract public boolean has (string $name)

Check whether the DI contains a service by a name

abstract public boolean wasFreshInstance ()

Check whether the last service obtained via getShared produced a fresh instance or an existing one

abstract public array getServices ()

Return the services registered in the DI

abstract public static setDefault (Phalcon\DiInterface $dependencyInjector)

Set the default dependency injection container to be obtained into static methods

abstract public static Phalcon\DiInterface getDefault ()

Return the last DI created

abstract public static reset ()

Resets the internal default DI

abstract public offsetExists (unknown $offset) inherited from ArrayAccess


abstract public offsetGet (unknown $offset) inherited from ArrayAccess


abstract public offsetSet (unknown $offset, unknown $value) inherited from ArrayAccess


abstract public offsetUnset (unknown $offset) inherited from ArrayAccess