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Class Phalcon\Db\Reference

implements Phalcon\Db\ReferenceInterface

Allows to define reference constraints on tables


$reference = new Phalcon\Db\Reference("field_fk", array(
    'referencedSchema' => "invoicing",
    'referencedTable' => "products",
    'columns' => array("product_type", "product_code"),
    'referencedColumns' => array("type", "code")


public __construct (string $referenceName, array $definition)

Phalcon\Db\Reference constructor

public string getName ()

Gets the index name

public string getSchemaName ()

Gets the schema where referenced table is

public string getReferencedSchema ()

Gets the schema where referenced table is

public array getColumns ()

Gets local columns which reference is based

public string getReferencedTable ()

Gets the referenced table

public array getReferencedColumns ()

Gets referenced columns

public static Phalcon\Db\Reference __set_state ([unknown $properties])

Restore a Phalcon\Db\Reference object from export