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Class Phalcon\Annotations\Reflection

Allows to manipulate the annotations reflection in an OO manner


 //Parse the annotations in a class
 $reader = new \Phalcon\Annotations\Reader();
 $parsing = $reader->parse('MyComponent');

 //Create the reflection
 $reflection = new \Phalcon\Annotations\Reflection($parsing);

 //Get the annotations in the class docblock
 $classAnnotations = $reflection->getClassAnnotations();


public __construct ([array $reflectionData])

Phalcon\Annotations\Reflection constructor

public Phalcon\Annotations\Collection getClassAnnotations ()

Returns the annotations found in the class docblock

public Phalcon\Annotations\Collection [] getMethodsAnnotations ()

Returns the annotations found in the methods’ docblocks

public Phalcon\Annotations\Collection [] getPropertiesAnnotations ()

Returns the annotations found in the properties’ docblocks

public array getReflectionData ()

Returns the raw parsing intermediate definitions used to construct the reflection

public static array $data __set_state (unknown $data)

Restores the state of a Phalcon\Annotations\Reflection variable export