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Class Phalcon\Annotations\Annotation

Represents a single annotation in an annotations collection


public __construct (array $reflectionData)

Phalcon\Annotations\Annotation constructor

public string getName ()

Returns the annotation’s name

public mixed getExpression (array $expr)

Resolves an annotation expression

public array getExprArguments ()

Returns the expression arguments without resolving

public array getArguments ()

Returns the expression arguments

public int numberArguments ()

Returns the number of arguments that the annotation has

public mixed getArgument (unknown $position)

Returns an argument in a specific position

public bool hasArgument (unknown $position)

Checks if the annotation has a specific argument

public mixed getNamedArgument (unknown $position)

Returns a named argument

public mixed getNamedParameter (unknown $position)

Returns a named argument (deprecated)

public boolean hasNamedArgument (unknown $position)

Checks if the annotation has a specific named argument